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Surplus Distribution was created in 2011 as an umbrella company with two main objectives; to ensure the survival of iconic skateboarding brands facing economic uncertainty, and to help support emerging brands by acting as a distribution channel, among other things, through which they could grow and thrive.  


Our mission moving forward is the same. However, now that our initial objectives have been successful, the Surplus name will retreat into the background so that the brands we represent so proudly can evolve independently according to their own vision and purpose.


As a result there will no longer be a Surplus online store. Instead, just select your desired brand icon above or below and you will be taken directly to their website. The Surplus social network channels will remain active as they still serve to proudly promote our brands and skateboarding in general.


Finally, we thank the worldwide skateboarding community for their unwavering loyalty and support for helping us grow skateboarding in the minds of all.